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Goan progress

26 Feb

I’ve been in Goa for the last two weeks,  interviewing a range of very different women for the book and hearing some amazing – if heart rending – stories.

Sangeetha’s story is shared over at the Gender Blog.  This photo shows her,  second from right, with two of her three children.  She now earns £14 per MONTH.  Click the article link to read more …

Mumbai calling

11 Feb

Day one of the interviews for Mother India went extremely well,  with my two different but extremely charming and articulate interviewees speaking very frankly into my mini-recorder (which, thankfully, worked!).  It was fascinating to hear them talk so freely and fluently about their lives to dates,  their hopes for the future,  their thoughts in a broader sense on the Indian economy and the part that women have to play in it.

I asked them both about the recently reported news story that there’s no such thing as a glass ceiling for women in India – and,  somewhat to my surprise,  they agreed with the sentiment,  suggesting that the capacity of Indian women to progress is limited only by themselves and their self-belief,  rather than by corporate “gender asbestos” as Avivah Wittenberg-Cox calls it.

Tomorrow,  I fly to Goa,  where I’m hoping to talk to some rather different women – those who travel to India’s smallest but richest state in order to work for six months and to profit from the many thousands of tourists who flock there.